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Welcome to the family PUDO


The courier industry in South Africa has finally grown up. And PUDO is the evidence of that. With a simple price structure, easy to use service, technology backed and efficient, PUDO offers you a delivery service for your eCommerce Store with Nimbl unlike any other.


Who is PUDO?

If you’ve been looking for a super simple way to send stuff from point A to point B, pudo is the answer.

Let’s say you want to send your parents a birthday gift, but they live in Slaapstad and you’re in Jozi – just PUDO it. Or if your maat from Umtata needs to return something he borrowed… just PUDO it. Send stuff to your Gogo in Giyani or your bru in Braamies. It’s super easy and lekker quick.

PUDO is a smart locker delivery system that’s changing the courier game in South Africa. You can use pudo to send an item anywhere in the country, as long as it weighs under 20kg and fits in one of our convenient pudo Lockers.


Why are we partnered with PUDO?

Because they offer Nimbl clients an easy to use, priced to fit option to deliver their Nimbl store orders to their shoppers. This adds predictability to your costing for your courier shipments, and allows you to plan for sales methods like free delivery which can increase sales on your store.


What integration does Nimbl offer with PUDO?

Full integration! We are the first, and only eCommerce system available in South Africa to fully have PUDO integrated into our system. PUDO is part of the NimblTrak service from Nimbl eCommerce


  • Offer PUDO as a delivery option on your website with set pricing
  • Get quotes when dispatching with PUDO
  • Book any of the 3 PUDO services (L2D,L2L,D2L) directly from your Nimbl Portal
  • Dispatch the PUDO order from Nimbl Portal
  • Track and manage any issues with your shipment on the Nimbl Portal


How to add PUDO to your Nimbl Store

Setting up PUDO is easy. Just register directly on their website After registration is completed, load some money onto your wallet with PUDO. Then contact PUDO directly to get the details required. Go to the Nimbl Portal, Courier Settings, and paste the details in the PUDO settings. That is it! Please see help files for more information 

See our help centre for more info

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