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Welcome the the family Yoco

Every small merchant in South Africa knows Yoco. Between their advertisements, and the fact that you see their small little card payment devices everywhere, Yoco has built a striking brand that South Africans trust. And in an eCommerce space, trust is half of the battle to get your sales over the line. That is why Yoco on Nimbl should be a major option for you to use.


Who is Yoco?

Yoco is an African technology company. They create opportunities for entrepreneurs to get paid and be more successful. Every day, they break down barriers and create access so that more businesses can participate in the economy and thrive.

They are establishing new markets; building business tools and financial services that work for entrepreneurs. They are making payments accessible for small businesses – often for the first time.

Having raised over $100M from some of the world's leading technology investors, who have backed companies like Nubank, Square and Stone. Now they're backing YOCO to get South Africa – and eventually the entire continent – paid.


Why are we partnered with YOCO?

With YOCO offering a simple payment system for your in store or on the move payments, and with the major investment they have received, there focus shifted lately to online payments as part of their service. The YOCO brand is well known, not only among merchants but customers as well. Having such a powerful brand on your Nimbl store will add veracity to your store, and give your customers the comfort that their payments and subsequent orders are safe.

YOCO also sports a very powerful portal where you can manage both your off site and online payments in one space. This allows you to consolidate all your payment in one system and this makes your administrative work less. 

As even more of an advantage your fees will decrease the more sales you do, and to consolidate your off site payment and online payments into one system will have a monetary advantage for you.

If you have a off site payment system, and have a Nimbl store or thinking about getting one, YOCO has to be at the top of your payment systems to use.


How do I get YOCO on my Nimbl store?

As always we have made it as easy as possible. Just signup with YOCO directly from their website http://yoco.com. After your signup is complete and your merchant account is active, head on over to your Nimbl Portal. Go to Payment Options from the menu. Click on YOCO and enter the required details which you will find in your portal. Click Save and you are done!


If you have any questions remember to visit our webpage for more information!


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