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Welcome the the family Courier Guy


Need a courier partner for your ecommerce store with Nimbl. Look no further than The Courier Guy.


Who is The Courier Guy?

They are not your average Courier Company. Through franchising they have structured their organisation so that the main focus is the Customer and the Franchisee. They have been able to empower individuals with responsibility from the driver upwards to the franchisee. They have eliminated unproductive environments and unprofitable courier branches.


Why are we partnered with The Courier Guy?

The Courier Guy has been building their offering and in large part it is focussed on eCommerce. With their easy to sign up online only account, you can have your account opened in a day or two and start dispatching.

The Courier Guy also offers great same day services, which will decreases your time to get an order to your client. This will help in growing your sales and brining back customers to your store.

What integration does Nimbl offer with The Courier Guy?

Full integration! We are the first, and only eCommerce system available in South Africa to fully have The Courier Guy integrated into our system. The Courier Guy is part of the NimblTrak service from Nimbl eCommerce


  • Offer THE COURIER GUY as a delivery option on your website with live quotes
  • Get quotes when dispatching with THE COURIER GUY in Nimbl
  • Book any of your THE COURIER GUY services directly from your Nimbl Portal
  • Dispatch the THE COURIER GUY order from Nimbl Portal
  • Track and manage any issues with your shipment on the Nimbl Portal


How to add THE COURIER GUY to your Nimbl Store

Open an account with The Courier guy. Visit their website to start the process at After registration is completed and your account is open, contact The Courier Guy IT Services or your account manager directly to get the details required. Go to the Nimbl Portal, Courier Settings, and paste the details in the Courier Guy settings. That is it! Please see help files for more information

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